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Petition against the installation of 100 wind turbines in the plains of Lower Normandy


Windfarm developers have targeted the plain of Caen-Falaise and Trun, in Calvados, France, to erect a minimum of 100 wind turbines, but it could be several hundred in the end. They argue that there, the landscape is "not worthy of preservation".

Online petition: Laizon Environnement (member of EPAW)

Petition deadline: 31 December 2011

Please sign the petition here:


Once you have filled in your name, address etc, at the end come the funny numbers used for "Vérification": before copying them in the box just below, first you must erase the words appearing in that box: "Recopier le code ici".

You will be sent an email of confirmation, in French. All you have to do to confirm you have signed the petition is to click on the link they will give you.

Download the English translation of the petition


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