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Vous habitez en montagne et vous luttez contre un projet éolien ? Ce tee-shirt peut vous intéresser.
New Year 2013...
The backup problem and the high cost of windpower by Steve Hunter, cartoonist
"Using appealing ways to disseminate a broad positive communication on wind energy."
The subsidies or "ROC": green energy, or pink energy?
Wind Farm Refugees
ONLY reason for Wind Energy...
New Year greetings 2012
Alex Salmond's new Poll Tax?
Renewable evangelist delivers sermon
Neolithic wind hunter discovers farming
Ecocide: a good example!
The Green Reaper
"Greening" the land
Good night, Germany!
EDF go home - Saint-Luc-de-Bellechasse
Mad World of Wind Turbines
SwindLE - not clean * not green * not cheap
Windfarm hell
Gegenwind "Möhlen in Moor"
Truth in Advertising
Terres vaudoises en danger !
Wind Madness
A fowl wind is blowing across the world
Our villages in 2012
pereginja 15 - Verlorenes Paradies
Cartoon of Matt
"Against us stands tyranny..."
The poor winegrower
The noise
Greeting cards



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