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"Windfall" - a film about wind turbines

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Radio 2GB - June 9, 2011

Alan Jones speaks to Laura Israel, director of "Windfall" - a film about wind turbines, which will be screened tomorrow at Sydney Film Festival.


  windfall   screenings in June 2011

  1. WINDFALL will be screened in the Republic of Ireland at the Guth Gafa Documentary Festival in June. More information: Guth Gafa International Documentary Festival 2011 - Windfall
  2. WINDFALL will also be screened in Australia at the Sydney Film Festival in June.
    More information: Windfall | Sydney Film Festival

You can view the official trailer below.


by Laura Israel

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The film

« What do we really know about wind power? We are told it's "green energy" and reduces our dependency on foreign oil. That's exactly what the people of Meredith in upstate New York thought when a wind developer offered to supplement this farm town's failing economy with a farm of their own - that of 40 industrial wind turbines. Attracted at first to the financial incentives, some of the townspeople grow increasingly alarmed as they find out about side effects they had never anticipated. WINDFALL exposes the dark side of wind energy development and the potential for highly profitable financial scams. With wind development in the U.S. growing annually at 39%, WINDFALL is an eye-opener for anyone concerned about the future of renewable energy. »

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Laura Israel

« Laura Israel grew up in New Jersey and earned a degree in film from New York University before editing music videos for such artists as Lou Reed, Keith Richards, New Order, and Sonic Youth, among others. She has also edited many films, including The Present (96), True Story (04), Music of Regret (06), Africa Unite: A Celebration of Bob Marley's 60th Birthday (08), and Life for a Child (08). Windfall (10) is her directorial debut. »

Source: Toronto International Film Festival -

Laura IsraelCongratulations!

WINDFALL, Laura Israel's documentary, won the grand jury prize on Nov. 7, 2010, in the Viewfinders competish of the New York’s Documentary festival (DOC NYC).

Read more on 'Windfall' nabs grand jury prize at Doc NYC fest

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