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Contamination of public and private water supplies by windfarms

Quality of public and private water supplies in and around windfarms- especially Whitelees in Scotland - it may be happening to your water supply….

Susan Crosthwaite
UK spokeswoman for EPAW
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“Did you know that in 2010 Alex Salmond announced that Scottish Water would partner with Renewable Energy to enable 80,000 acres of 'our' land to be available for windfarm development. This precious land for reservoirs and their catchment area can now be contaminated with burrow pits (quarries) and turbine foundations.

Alex salmond has also done the same with ‘our’ Forestry Commission Scotland land – now divided up for wind farm development. Were you, the Scottish people fully consulted on this decision to change the use of ‘our’ land?

Dr Rachel Connor who lives close to Whitelees windfarm, south of Glasgow, reveals how our public and private water supplies are being allowed to be polluted by wind farms (especially during the construction period). She has done a study on Caigendunston Reservoir which supplies 50,000 homes in the Kilmarnock and Irvine Valley. How the water to these homes has been polluted with Trihalomethanes and how these can cause cancer.

This could happen at the Backwater Reservoir which provides 300.000 homes in and around Dundee, Angus, Perth and Kinross as the Macritch Hill windfarm has turbines which are to be sited close to the reservoir.

This could well happen to your water supply as a windfarm may well be sited close to a reservoir or private supply close to you.

Our government is blinded by short term gain. Scottish water stand to make £300 million a year from their renewable investment – why should they worry about our health?

Lobby your MP and MSP and make sure there is a Geohydrology report for any windfarm in your area. Watch this video (40 minutes) and prepare to be astounded that this is actually happening in our country