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Éoliennes, Le cap est franchi : désormais plus de la moitié des régions et départements français ont signifié officiellement au gouvernement que la coupe des éoliennes est pleine. Allier, Charente maritime, Cantal, Charente, Poitou, Hauts de France, Rhône Alpes.. Grand Est… Partout les voyants sont au rouge.


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No Wind Turbine in Llanaelhaearn (Wales)

A local community group and a consortium of local farmers are planning on erecting a 67m wind turbine on Foel Llanaelhaearn, Gwynedd however a feasibility study has revealed that a much larger turbine could be suitable. Llanaelhaearn is a small hamlet on the Llyn Peninsula, we rely heavily on two forms of income farming and tourism. Our tourism industry will be affected by the erection of this turbine, house prices will be affected by this turbine not to mention the devastating effect that this turbine will have on our beautiful countryside.

For further information relating to the inefficiencies of wind farms please see:

If this turbine is granted permission this will open the floodgates for further turbines to be erected within Gwynedd and Pen Llyn. Please sign our petition and get your voice heard please don't allow our beautiful countryside to be destroyed by these turbines simply due to greed.

Sign the petition!


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