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Download These posters from North American Platform Against Wind Turbines !
Germany’s Wind Power Surges Plunge Their Neighbours Into Darkness
Finland: The family say they change residence municipalities due to the wind turbine
Australia the Senate committee into wind farms
Germany — Video A Flock of Partridges Tried to Make it Through an Industrial Wind Facility…<
Senate Wind Farm Inquiry – Dr Sarah Laurie says: “Kill the Noise & give Neighbours a Fair Go”
Prime Minister Tony Abbott Cancels All Government Wind Farm Subsidies
Humans can hear up to 8 Hz, an octave lower than previously thought
Hautes-Alpes: a collective puts a spoke in the blades of the wind project of Haute-Beaume
German Wind Parks Overload Power Grid …”At Its Limits” …Record 50,000 Grid Interventions In May
Wind Turbine erection in Sweden has dropped to near zero over several months - panic in their organization
Nausea, sleep disorders, depression ... testimonials of residents rise against the wind turbines!
Macarthur Turbine Hosts Destroy Local Community & Bolt, as Hammering the Wind Industry becomes the “New Black”
Noise data new weapon in war on windfarms
Citizens protests against Green 06.20.2015
Conservative Government bringing the wind farm folly to an end
Turkey: Despite the judicial decisions Lodos A.S started to run the german ENERCON turbines again
Wind madness destroying our country
Wind Turbine Green arsonist
Politicians hear Loch Ness turbines appeal
Application for intensified research on the effects of wind turbines on health
German doctors push to halt building of wind turbines
55% of French are against the installation of wind power in their rural community