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Australia Cape Bridgewater Windfarm warriors... The scientist told to keep silent while the community demand full disclosure
Australia Windfarm warriors..
A funeral for citizens rights, will be held at An Bord 
Loch Ness Under Wind turbines Attack
Loch Ness Under Wind turbines Attack
Australian Senator – Matt Canavan – Slams “Greens” Hypocrisy & Skewers the Great Wind Power Fraud
Wind Turbines and Health: Letter to the French President
Communities Under Attack
The "irreparable harm to physical and psychological health" from infrasounds of wind turbines is now proven
Kenya: Opponents of Wind turbines, 1 dead 4 injured
Video: Windbag of Aeolous
Wind Turbine Torture
Clip of adverse health impact - 3 min. Easy to use
Fear of health: Denmark stops expansion of wind power plants
Germany what have you done of your beauty?
Movie: Shadow of the wind : like a bandit? NO
Down Wind:un film explosif concernat l'olien dans l' Ontario
Energiewende und naturschultz winenergie im Lebensraum Wald
"Jurassic Coast windfarm plan at Unesco site ‘like bulldozing Buckingham Palace"
Bruit des éoliennes en Wallonie: la plainte déposée au Parlement européen jugée recevable
Turbines may well blow an ill wind over locals, ‘first’ study shows
Ontario Coalition for Harm-to-Health from Industrial Wind Turbines
Eoliennes, la bataille du Lévézou
Windrad brannte vor Augen der Feuerwehr ab