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Management of Sound Emissions from Wind Turbines
Petition !!! On the subject of infrasounds
Berlins renewable energy fiasco is about to get even worse.
Success! German State Of Bavaria Puts Brakes On Wind Energy, Industrialization Of Rural Landscape
Nederland Europe’s Green Mega-Flop Hundreds Of Windmills Operating At A Loss, Facing Demolition
Québec: Fini les factures gonflées à l’éolienne
Ireland’s Battle Against Wind Farm Rollout Escalates - Vestas Workers Receive Death Threats
Neibourgs of wind turbines are regarded as less than butcher's meat
French historical monuments destroyed by wind turbine industry
Ireland 200 Irish community groups placed a full-page advertisement in today's Sunday Business Post
Thailand Stop ruining Koh phayam with the green energy from Korea company
Ireland :Ireland :Planning permission for €240m wind farm in Co Meath rejected
France: Wind Industry Suspected scam: the miracle investment turns into a rout
Deutschland Two injured in fire: Wind Turbine
200 children and adults highly annoyed by wind turbine noise !?
Irish Wind Farm Neighbours Detail Unnecessary Daily Acoustic Misery
Disintegrating Wind Turbines & Mass Planned Blackouts in Germany
Ödeshög municipality - NO to the wind power industry in the forest
OFFSHORE WIND PARKS :conflict between Common Scoter and the Wind Power Industry in Denmark
Fraud in Falmouth MA Town Relied on Acoustic Consultants Faked Vestas Wind Turbine NoiseReport
Spain. Explosion - 2 blades are sent flying debris fly 280 m and hit house at night



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