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Mail Online - Customers face huge bill for wind farms that don't work in the cold
The Portland Press Herald - Maine Voices: An 82-year-old got tired of spitting into the wind, went out on a limb
Journal de l'environnement - Un vent mauvais souffle sur le Royaume-Uni
The Telegraph - Wind farm revolts blamed for dramatic fall in planning approvals
La hausse de l’électricité : les anti-éoliens en appellent solennellement à Borloo
Freedom to be curtailed in Sweden
RTBF Info - La perte de la biodiversité mondiale s'accélère
Le Monde - "La destruction d'un paysage unique"
The Copenhagen Post - Dong Energy gives up on land-based turbines in Denmark
Can't sleep at night: French rancher complains about the noise
In Romania, the multiplication of windfarms threatens the rich biodiversity of the Danube delta
Assault on the Swedish nature and quality of life
Wind turbines in Denmark: neighbours on the barricades
Zapoteekse boeren protesteren tegen komst windmolenparken
Le Québec doit-il abandonner l'éolien?
250 wind turbines will disfigure one of the most beautiful bays in the world



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