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Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise
Part one: Truth no longer denied

Sound pollution from wind turbines explained

According to the authors, the source of the information is the USA-Canada wind lobby: AWEA-CanWEA. So we obtained the scientific document on which this illustration is based: Wind Turbine Sound and Health Effects - An Expert Panel Review, by Dr. Geoff Leventhall et al., and prepared for the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) and Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA), December 2009.

Here is the illustration as published by the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Jan. 12, 2010*:


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Graphic by Eddie Thomas | Star Tribune | January 12, 2010


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We note in particular the following:

Pulsing soundsOur comments:

In nº2 about "Pulsing sounds", second paragraph "Indoors" :
what is sensed inside homes as "vibrations and pressure changes" is in fact infrasound. If it weren't, it would be sensed as audible sound.

Recent studies reveal that infrasound can harm the health of neighbours much further away than noise. We shall publish them here soon, in Part three.

Distance differencesOur comment:

This explains how a “wind-crazy” journalist could boast that he had “slept like a baby at the foot of a giant turbine” (in fact at 200 metres windward, ie on the silent side), and could not understand the neighbours that complained of sleeping so poorly much further away on the noisy side:

J’ai campé au pied d’une éolienne géante (et j’ai dormi comme un bébé) - Rue89 - September 27, 2012


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