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Buying the silence of victims

Press release

Four of the 'Ripley-Five' homes bought out by wind developers

"If there are no health effects from Industrial Wind Turbines as their proponents claim, then why would wind plant operators buy the homes of wind victims?".

This is the question being asked by HALT (Huron-Kinloss Against Lakeside Turbines) President, Mac Serra. The group recently discovered the sale of four of the five properties previously owned by the families that have been fighting Suncor and Acciona over their inability to lead normal lives in their own homes caused by the Ripley Wind Power Project.

The homes were purchased by 2270573 Ontario Inc. One director for this company listed on the transfer is a manager for Suncor Energy and the other a manager for Acciona.

The victims themselves cannot speak, silenced by a process which leaves the public in the dark over the true extent of the impact caused by industrial wind. "There are over 100 families across Ontario who claim their health is negatively affected by wind development. Many more who may be suffering cannot speak due to confidentiality agreements signed with the wind companies. Others simply won't speak up, not wanting to upset their neighbours", said Serra. "MPP Carol Mitchel continues to ignore the health concerns of her constituents and the concerns raised by Dr. Hazel Lynn, Medical Officer of Health for the Grey Bruce Health Unit, preferring to quote Ontario's Chief Medical Officer of Health's(CMOH) 2010 literature review on health effects and wind turbines." Dr. Hazel Lynn is one of the authors of the CMOH 2010 report on wind turbines and health and she estimates that between 10% and 15% of people living near turbines in her area say their health has been affected.

HALT is calling for a full moratorium on all industrial wind development until an independent epidemiological study has been completed. HALT is one of 57 grassroots citizen's groups across Ontario represented by Wind Concerns Ontario.

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