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812 member organisations
from 25 European countries:

New members:

Deutschland: Bayern
member #812

France: Lorraine
Association pour le Développementdurable du Santois
member #811

Deutschland: Baden-Württemberg
Verein für Mensch und Natur e.V. Kettenacker
member #810

Deutschland: Niedersachsen
BI Windkraft Dassel
member #809

France: Aquitaine-Landes
member #808

France: Franche-Comté
Le vent Tourne
member #807

Suisse: Jura vaudois
SOS Jura-Vaud (Sud)
member #806

France: Bretagne
member #805

France: Bourgogne
member #804

France: Limousin -Correze
Agir pour le Plateau des Etangs
member #803

Slovenija: Primorska
Civilna iniciativa za zaščito Senožeških Brd- DiegoLOREDAN -firefighter tehnique now retired
member #802

France: Centre
aest 37
member #801

France: Picardie
member #800

France: Pays de Loire
Vie Environnement et Patrimoine
member #799

Puerto_Rico: El Caribe
Coalición Pro Bosque Seco
member #798

Ireland: West Cork
West Cork Wind
member #797

Grèce: Laconia
Network for Environmental and Cultural Protection of Laconia
member #796

France: Languedoc-Roussillon
La Farigoule
member #795

Mexico: Istmo de Tehuntepec
member #794

France: Landes
Association Mézossaise pour la Protection de l'Environnement  (AMPE)
member #793

France: Bretagne
member #792

France: Bretagne
Gare aux Vents de Tresboeuf
member #791

France: Bretagne
Eolien Morbihan
member #790

France: Pays de la Loire
Non aux Eoliennes entre Noirmoutier et Yeu
member #789

Suisse: Surselva Graubünden
IG Sezner-UmSu-Grenerberg
member #788

France: Basse-Normandie
Association Contre les Projets Eoliens en Mer
member #787

France: Languedoc-Roussillon
Sauvons Puichéric, Blomac, Saint Couat
member #786

France: Pays de loire
member #785

Deutschland: Bayern
Art der Organisation
member #784

Ireland: Irland
Castlejordan/Ballinabrackey Windfarm Action Group
member #783

Ireland: Co Offaly
Rhode Parish Wind Turbine Action Group
member #782

Finland: Sydösterbotten
People Against Wind turbines in Finland
member #781

Turkey: West Turkey
Cesme surdulenebilir yasam platform
member #780

Deutschland: Ostwestfalen
Burger gegen Windpark Hirschweg
member #779

Deutschland: Zellertal, Violental
Burger fur ein zauberhaftes Zellertal
member #778

Deutschland: Oberfranken, Bayern
Gegenwind Effeltrich – Pinzberg – Poxdorf
member #777

Deutschland: Oberfranken, Bayern
Gegenwind Effeltrich – Pinzberg – Poxdorf
member #776

France: Poitou-Charentes
La Vallée des Singes
member #775

Alpe Adria Green
member #774

Ireland: County Mayo
Moygownagh / Kilfian Community and Landscape Protection Group
member #773

Deutschland: Hochsauerlandkreis, Nordrhein-Westfalen
Verein für Umwelt- und Naturschutz Schmallenberg
member #772

Ireland: Kildare, Leinster
North Kildare Environmental Protection Group
member #771

Deutschland: Schweinfurt, Unterfranken, Bayern
member #770

Deutschland: Nordfriesland, Schleswig-Holstein
Bürgerinitiative Mühlenberg
member #769

Ireland: Kildare, Leinster
Bog of Allen Communities Against Spin
member #768

UK: West Yorkshire, England
Slaithwaite Moor Opposes Giant Industrial Turbines
member #767

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Honorary members:

Val Martin
In recognition of services rendered to our common cause. A million thanks to Val Martin, who is our spokesman in Ireland since 2010.

Mouvement citoyen pour la protection de nos territoires envahis par l'éolien industriel
They came all the way from Canada, with their flags, to help us save Mont-Saint-Michel. Many thanks to our friends from Quebec! See the pictures

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Platform Against Windpower
Canada, United States of America, Mexico,
the Caribbean, Central America
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VIDEO : blowing up a wind turbine with dynamite for the first time in France after an uncontrolled fire
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Protest against wind turbines are organized in Warsaw
wind power would be the most hated form of energy in the next few years!
Wind Turbine Syndrome visits Slovenia, as campaigners fight on
You want to bring discord in a village? Bring wind turbines !
SLOVENIA: CAN YOU HELP US :The Civile Initiative for Protection of Senozeska Brda
D-Day anniversary: offshore wind farms at Normandy will desecrate site
Turkey : CESME is an historical area! 60 TURBINES is insane!
No other species is likely to be victims of wind turbines as the Red Kite

Stop the useless & destructive wind farm programme

EPAWJoin the international demand for a moratorium
on European wind energy projects